Magician (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 240
Rating 4

Chance and magic come together in the video bingo Magician developed by MGA. Enjoy the show with the bingo of 60 balls of which 30 are extracted to win big prizes. Buy Extra Balls, use the joker joker ball and win fantastic prizes by playing the minigames. Play for free and without downloading the game bingo with a magician.

How to play bingo Magician

As in all bingo games, the machine that extracts the balls needs energy to move. And this energy is contributed by your bets. In this demo version of the bingo Magician for free, you have enough credits or tokens to be able to play and enjoy all the secrets of this magic show.

To start, you have to choose a Token value between 0.05T to 0.5T that divides our total amount that resides in the balance. The result is the value of the credit and the credits is the official currency to make your plays. You also have the option to play with one or more cards at the same time, and even change the numbers played by others at random.

Once you have chosen how many credits and cards you are going to play, now it’s time to decide, with how many credits you are going to invest for each card played. This amount ranges from 1 credit per card to 15 credits per card. Finally, the higher your bet, the higher the prizes you will get if you form a winning figure.

The 60-ball bingo has intuitive dynamics. Once the bet is made, press Play and the balls in the reel start to come out. All the matching numbers on your cards are automatically crossed out. Also, the top table represents the pay table. This table is not fixed, since it is updated as the numbers come out. The yellow color represents the missing squares to form said winning figure.

When you are about to get a MATCH or better figure, the game offers you up to 12 extra balls to buy. Among them, randomly, the Joker or wild card can appear. This ball allows you to choose the most desired and necessary number to complete a figure.

Magician minigames

Four fun minigames to increase the prizes obtained by completing the winning figures on bingo Magician. The bonuses are accessed from different winning figures that can be checked in the pay table.

  • Rope minigame: accessed with figures M and W where the magician appears playing a flute. When you press Play, a rope will come out of the hat that will go up until it reaches one of the prizes available in the legend.
  • Levitation minigame: the CUADRA figure gives us access to this minigame that consists of discovering the prizes hidden behind the objects.
  • Cards minigame: accessed with the MASK figure to play the pyramid. We must go up in line to get the best prizes.
  • Hat minigame: get ONE_FREE to access the bonus and discover all the prizes that the magician keeps inside his hat.