Lucky Hero (zitro)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Software Zitro
Games played 1,826
Rating 4.53

Lucky Hero is a game from bingo from zitro that is based on superheroes. The game has 4 cards and each card has 15 numbers and 3 rows. The bingo Lucky Hero offers 15 ways to create combinations with prizes, the extraball mode with up to 11 additional spins and a Z ball that serves as a wild card and replaces any number you need to sing bingo. You can play the demo version of the game for free without depositing .

How to play Lucky Hero

At the beginning of the game of bingo Lucky Hero from the Spanish developer zitro you must determine the amount of the bet from 4 to 80 credits. You can set the value of the currency and select the number of active bingo tickets from 1 to 4. There is also the possibility to change the combination of numbers on each card at will by pressing the crossed arrows when opening the control menu.

To throw the balls with the numbers click on the Play button with an arrow on the right side of the screen. If you wish, you can use the auto play function to make the spins automatic. After pressing one of these keys the balls are released and the matching numbers are crossed out. In the game there are 15 ways to win prizes that are shown in the pay table at the top of the screen of the electronic bingo. The maximum payout is obtained when the player manages to obtain the fifteen numbers of the card.

To access the control panel of the bingo Lucky Hero click on the down arrow on the left. This button opens a drop-down menu where game settings can be made. The button in the shape of a cogwheel allows to open an additional window where you can set the bet amount from 4 to 80 credits, as well as determine the value of the coin and the number of cards involved in the game.

In the Settings tab you can select the speed of the balls Fast; turbo or Normal, turn the sound off and on and see information about the rules and functions of the game. The crossed arrows on the control panel are for changing the number combinations on the cards.

On the game screen there is the Play button in the shape of a circle with an arrow inside on the right that allows a single throw of the balls, the automatic spins mode is also available by pressing the key with the circular arrows on the right. The Credit window on the lower left side shows the status of the gaming account and on the right side is the Jackpot which is not available in the demo version but can be won in the game with money.

Extra Balls Lucky Hero

The bingo Lucky Hero game offers a round of up to 11 extra balls that allow you to get more prizes. It is the so-called Extraboll mode that throws some extra balls that you will see in the upper right corner of the screen. You can make up to 11 extra spins in a single round to complete the pay lines. In addition, in the extra balls mode the Z ball bonus can come out at random. It is a Z ball that can substitute for any number on a pay line.

In the paid version of Lucky Hero you can win the jackpot by crossing out all the numbers on the card during the extraction of the first 30 balls.If you prefer to play for fun, we offer you an exclusive collection of bingo games for free without downloading.

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