How to play bingo with real money

To play bingo with real money in a casino you only have to fill in the information requested by the online casino or room bingo you have chosen. If you have not yet selected your bingo, we show you the best casinos with bingo online where you can play safely and get jackpots. By registering in an online casino or room at bingo and after making a first deposit you usually access a welcome bonus.

Once the login details have been filled in, you must go to the payment system tab. The casino offers various possibilities to enter or make a deposit. You can use payment methods such as bank cards such as Mastercard or Visa, cards of the type Paysafecard, bank transfers or through digital payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or Entropay.

One difference in terms of promotions that we have found with respect to sports betting houses or online casinos is that in online games bingo promotions are the order of the day. New promotions and offers always appear. For this reason you have to revisar your favorite bingo sites regularly so that you do not miss a good promotion and the possibility of having a good time and winning a good prize.

Bingo online for free or with real money?

Some online casinos or bingo rooms offer the option to play bingo with real money without depositing, but require you to register on their website. The free no deposit bonuses to play at bingo give new users the opportunity to try the bingo game for free and win real money. Thus, just for opening an account in a casino you receive a certain amount of free money that allows you to play bingo online for free, without deposit and without deposit.

A bingo no deposit bonus is money that the bingo online gambling halls give away so that we can test their games. It is usually strange that some casino with bingo games does not offer it to us, although the amounts you can get from this type of bonus may vary from one house to another, for this reason the bonuses that you will find can range from € 10 to € 200 . In recent times we have seen how the different bingo free no deposit gambling sites offered from € 5 to € 10 as a gift just for the fact of registering.

Nowadays, the most common thing is that they offer us a gift of € 10 for free without any type of deposit so that we can test their games, before having to make any type of deposit into their user account. Keep in mind that € 10 can go a long way, bearing in mind that the price of the cards can be 2 cents. In the worst case, we will have spent money that was not even ours.

If we are lucky and we manage to sing a line or bingo, the money would be entered into our user account, but we cannot withdraw it until we have bet a minimum amount of money that is usually between 20 and 50 times the amount of the bonus that we receive. have given away. For example, if they give us a free € 10 bonus we have to deposit € 500 before we can make the withdrawal of the money we have won. Meeting these types of conditions is commonly known as rollover.

How to earn money at bingo online?

You have to start from the basis that bingo is a 100% game of chance, that is, you have the same chances of winning as someone very experienced. This is one of the main attractions of this fun game of chance that offers a very high emotion, especially when you have few numbers left to complete on cardboard.

We are going to teach you some simple strategies to guide you in your first games and that will be very useful to you. If you want to win in the game there is no strategy to follow, but there is a trick that can help us. Play with more than one card, because that way you can have more chances of winning.

  • Play at bingo for free: At we offer you the possibility to play for free so that you can understand the mechanism of the game well. Once you’ve got the basics, you can put your luck to the test by making real money bets.
  • I play at times where you think there will be few people in the rooms: In some online gambling rooms, it does not indicate the number of players there are. If you play at crowded hours, for example on a Saturday night, you will have less chance of winning the prizes.
  • Calculate the number of cards: The more cards you buy, the more chances you have of winning but on the other hand, it forces you to be very attentive to cross out the numbers, this can be somewhat confusing at first, we recommend you start with a few cards in your first few games, or enter rooms where the numbers are crossed out automatically.
  • Take advantage of the welcome bonuses: There are casinos with bingos online that give you initial money to place your bets. Take advantage of them!
  • Learn the rules of bingo online: There are different types of bingo and each one with small differences between them. Before entering a room, make sure you have a good understanding of the rules to enjoy your game properly.
  • Safe Play: This is the most important. Always enter bingos that have the Safe Play seal, in this way your money will be protected and the games will be fair and very fun.

Bingo Physical vs bingo Online

In Spain there are about 386 physical rooms with bingo. Each Autonomous Community draws up the rules of the game for its territory according to a ministerial order of January 9, 1979. These rules must be available to the players to be able to solve any type of controversy.

In a physical room bingo the balls must be checked before they are introduced into the reel. A visible screen or panel should reflect the numbers that appear according to their order of appearance. The balls must have the number printed in a visible and legible way and be approved by the competent authority. It is generally played with 90 balls numbered from 1 to 90, but there is also the bingo variety of 75 balls.

The cards consist of a grid that usually has 9 columns and 3 rows. All cards must be issued following the regulations of the applicable legislation and must be sold inside the room. New cards must be used for each specific batch. The player must mark the boxes of the numbers that are coming out with some method that cannot be erased. The pencil is not worth it! There are 15 numbers per carton.

Another security measure when offering transparency and reliability is to carry out mandatory counts before and after each game, in the event that a ball is missing, the game will be invalidated. We also find a regulation regarding the number of games that can be played with each game of balls, this avoids playing with damaged balls that can cause problems. They must then be replaced by a new set of balls.

The game of bingo in physical rooms has been affected by the possibility of being able to play bingo online in the casinos and exclusive portals of bingo. However, if we refer to bingo online there is a regulatory law of the game that provides security to the player. It is also controlled by the gaming regulatory authority, the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling. The homologation is synonymous with the guarantee of clarity and security. The bingo gaming portals bet on famous people whether they are athletes, artists or TV presenters, as is the case of Jorge Javier Vázquez at Yobingo, a portal that you can visit from our website.

In each physical room of bingo we can find different variants of the game. One of the most played variants is the simultaneous bingo. In this mode, there is not one reel per room, but several rooms are connected to each other by a system called the distribution network. The rules of the game are the same as in any other bingo game with the particularity that the number of participants can be much more than normal.

Advantages of playing bingo with real money

By choosing to play bingo with real money in an online casino you have a greater number of advantages:

  • You can earn money instantly wherever and whenever you want.
  • You can play bingo with your mobile, tablet or computer.
  • Before playing bingo with real money you can try bingo games online for free, without deposit and without registering.
  • The cards are marked by themselves thanks to the auto-marking function that most pages with bingo games offer us. Thus, we can have a much more interactive experience since we can talk with the game partners and pay more attention to the chat moderator , which can also make it easier for us to win an extra prize while we make friends and have fun.

Tickets purchased to play in a bingo room online have a random combination of numbers included. Numbers can be dialed automatically or by hand as they go out. If the player manages to mark a line of numbers, he gets a prize and the game continues. The hype of bingo real money games randomly and completely randomly decides the numbers that come out. The frequency with which the balls will come out is short, so you must be focused and attentive during the duration of each game.