How to play bingo of 75 balls

The 75-ball bingo has its origin in the United States and is considered one of the most popular in that country for decades. The cardboard of this type of bingo is characterized by having 25 boxes divided into five rows and five columns. One of its peculiarities is that the word “bingo” can be read at the top of the cardboard, so under each letter there will be a row of five numbers. The first letter, B, will consist of numbers in the range 1 to 15.

The letter I will correspond to numbers between 16 and 30. The letter N is the only one of only four numbers (the central one is not occupied) that will go from 31 to 45. The penultimate letter, G, will be numbers from 46 to 60 and finally the O, will occupy numbers in the range of 61 to 75 (for that reason it is called 75 balls).

Playing bingo with 75 balls is extremely simple. When the game is in a room, a designated person chants the numbers that he extracts from the bass reel and you have to pay close attention, because he will only say them once. And when it comes to bingo online, those numbers will be selected through specialized software and displayed on the screen. In both cases you must be extremely attentive to point out those sung numbers that coincide with the ones you have. In this case, there will be no problem of not hearing them, because they will be displayed in an area of ​​your screen.

Play bingo of 75 balls online

If you’re a beginner, try a single 75-ball bingo carton first. Pay attention to the instructions and the numbers that appear to dial them. Once you get the hang of this and have fun, why not try two cards? This will not only sharpen your perception and your senses, but it will also increase your chances of winning. Over time you may want to play with more virtual cards at the same time.

As the numbers go by, keep in mind that you can also interact with other players online. This way you can make friends and chat with other people about the game and exchange experiences. The tension and excitement will increase as there are few numbers left in your 75-ball bingo card, so you must pay your full attention, since you will win as soon as you have completed all the numbers on your card. Depending on the version, you can also win by completing a single line diagonally, horizontally or vertically, among other variants. For example, make a double line, form an X, or form patterns in the shape of objects, letters or animals, etc.

Have fun playing the 75-ball bingo in the best online rooms

At the beginning of the s. XX Edwin S. Lowe introduced the then “beano” in the United States, giving it its current name, bingo, and it spread throughout the country, flourishing different versions. Thus arose new rules and modifications in the game, making it in part easier, but at the same time more entertaining. Among them are the one with 90 lines, the one with 80, the bingo with 75 balls, the one with 30 and also the one with 15, among others. They come to share basic rules, but they vary depending on the number of columns and lines that make up each card. Knowing the rules is essential to winning a prize, but also paying full attention to the game.

Playing at bingo with 75 balls goes much further than being aware of completing the entire card. It is an attention game, where your mind and eyes are also exercised by following and identifying numbers and patterns. It’s fun, because the excitement builds as the numbers roll by and you can even win a good prize. The feeling it leaves will make you want to repeat.

So next time you feel like playing online or at an online casino, try the 75-ball bingo. There are several trustworthy and secure websites that offer this version of bingo, among which Tómbola, Canal bingo or BoteManía stands out. This version of 75 balls is one of the favorites because it is considered a fast game precisely to count only five rows by five columns, being only 25 numbers in total.

Finally, if you are lucky enough to sing “bingo!” When playing the classic version or one of the variant with patterns of the 75-ball bingo, you will be able to claim a prize. There may be what is called a progressive jackpot that accumulates and this also makes it extremely attractive (you can make your own contributions). At we offer licensed online casinos and a free demo version, for example, we have virtual versions of slots, cards, roulette and of course, bingo. Without a doubt, guaranteed fun!