Fashion Bingo (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 1,287
Rating 2.4

Discover the Bingo Fashion game created by MGA about the world of fashion. The video Bingo of 60 balls offers 4 cards, 12 extra balls, joker and 3 minigames with bonuses. Get ready and enjoy the free demo version of the Bingo game without downloading and without depositing, as if you were watching a fashion show.

How to play Fashion Bingo

The Bingo Fashion game is based on extracting the balls from a bass reel and crossing out the numbers on your cards. However, credits are needed to get the balls first. The demo version offers 50 Tokens that must be changed before to convert them into credits. As soon as you enter the game, you must choose a value (0.05T, 0.1T, 0.25T, 0.5T) that will divide your total tokens to convert them into credits.

Then you select the number of cards (between 1 and 4) you want to play and you can even choose other numbers that you like more at random. Bet the credits on the cards you are going to play (minimum 1 credit per card and maximum 15 credits per card) and press Play to remove the balls from the reel.

The 60 ball Bingo is perfectly designed to enjoy all its secrets. Notice that at the top of the screen you have a pay table whose figures are well defined. To get a cash prize you must cross out the numbers on your cards forming the winning figures or sing Bingo.

Sometimes 30 balls are not enough to achieve a winning combination. However, when you have a chance to win a Double_One figure or higher, 12 extra balls appear that you can buy for additional credits. Also, and very from time to time, the joker (Joker) appears to choose the ball that you need the most.

Fashion minigames Bingo

Once the game is over, if you have been able to get a winning figure that marks the Bonus title on the pay table, you automatically access said bonus. Fashion Bingo has 3 minigames that you access differently:

  • The minigame To buy! It consists of going through a path full of prizes on the ground. It is accessed with the SQUARE figure and you must press the Play button to advance along the way. The goal is to go all the way.
  • The minigame Backstage! it has a board with 5 rows and 6 columns. You enter with the Lego figure and it consists of uncovering boxes looking for the prizes that are hidden. You can uncover a prize, wild card or the end of the bonus. The prizes you get are added up and awarded last.
  • The Model Pass minigame is accessed with the Win figure and consists of choosing models to discover the prizes. The game ends if the Exit text is discovered or if the prizes of all models are discovered. The final prize will be the one that accumulates with each prize discovered.