Extra Bingo (Wazdan)

Type Bingo 80 balls
Software Wazdan
Games played 2,035
Rating 3.69

Extra Bingo is a video game Bingo created by Wazdan in demo version to play for free. In this game you can choose from 3 to 10 numbers from a card of 80 numbers. The more numbers you match, the bigger your prize will be. You have a chance to win up to 200,000 play money credits. In almost every round the generator provides at least 4 matching numbers.

How to play Extra Bingo

Playing the Bingo games for free or demo versions of the games is simple. Extra Bingo has a table with numbers from 1 to 80. Click on any number in the table in the corresponding box to select it. If you decide to cancel the choice of a number, you must press this number again.

The right column shows the prizes for matching 4 to 10 numbers. You can determine the bet with the Bet button and clicking the + and – on both sides. You can set a bet from 1 to 100 credits.

After selecting the bet value, press spin to pop the balls. The image of a ball machine will appear. The generator will choose 20 random balls. Then, the screen will return to show the table with the numbers from 1 to 80. Above it will be seen the number balls that have been touched. In case of hitting, the balls with the corresponding numbers will be highlighted in the table in red. You then receive the win and the amount of which depends on the number of correct numbers and the bet.

Extra Game Prizes Bingo

The amount of the prize is indicated in the right column. For example, if you place a maximum bet of 100 credits, then for matching 10 numbers you receive 200,000 credits. For matching four numbers the prize will be 100 credits, respectively. The payout coefficients are made according to the number of correct numbers:

Correct numbers
















Extra Minigame Bingo

The Extra Bingo game bonus and the double or nothing minigame increase the chances of winning high prizes. If the Extra inscription appears on the screen, you have the possibility to add two more numbers to the winning combination. Press the To Credit button to collect the prize won or press Spin to play again. This bonus gives the possibility of matching more numbers from the chosen series and obtaining the biggest prize.

After each successful combination the Gamble button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on it if you want to risk the win in order to double its amount. A face down card will appear on the screen. Your mission is to match the color. Press the Red or Black button. If you get it right, the prize is doubled. The double or nothing minigame continues as long as the player matches the card’s color. If the choice is incorrect, the win will be void and you will return to the main game.

On the screen of the double or nothing minigame there is the ½ Take button to bet only half the prize. Half of the amount won will be transferred to the game account. The other takes a chance and gambles to double the prize. The Take button allows you to collect the entire fee at any time.