Diamonds Bingo (MGA)

Type Bingo 75 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 419
Rating 5

In the Diamonds jewelry store you play Bingo and luxury cannot be absent for this Christmas. MGA has created this video Bingo of up to 4 cards of 5 rows with numerous winning combinations to enjoy to the fullest. The reel contains 75 balls, from which 44 balls are drawn plus 12 Extra Balls. You can also enjoy the 4 bonuses of the game in addition to singing Bingo, to make your life much easier and more fun. Try the new demo version for free without having to deposit a single penny.

How to Play Diamonds Bingo

The balance we have is 50 Tokens.The Token will be the currency that represents our balance and the credits will be the currency that represents our bets and the prizes we receive. So, to know how much we are betting, we must choose an amount of Tokens that will be transformed into credits. That is, if we choose between 0.05T to 0.5T, the credits that we have to play can vary between 100 and 1000.

It also depends a lot on the number of cards that we decide to play, between 1 and 4 at most, and the amount bet per card played. This amount is from a minimum credit to a maximum of 15 credits per card.

Finally, you can consult the rules of the game from the help menu, choose your preferred language to play and configure your games automatically.

Diamonds Main Set Bingo

The balls are drawn from the reel at random. The cards are crossing out the numbers that match the balls drawn. Above, in the pay table of Bingo, you can see the numerous winning figures that exist so that you can play with the strategies necessary to obtain the prizes.

From figure L, if you have the possibility to get it, the Extra Balls appear that can be bought for credits up to a maximum of 12 balls. Take a good look at the pay table, because the yellow squares are the ones that need to be completed and get the winning figures.

Diamonds minigames Bingo

The video bingo of 75 balls Diamonds has 4 different bonuses that can be obtained with different figures represented in the pay table. Each bonus is a minigame that has many surprises in store to win. Let’s see how the minigames are accessed:

  • Discover the prizes: it is accessed with the figure represented by Bonus 1 and consists of uncovering the boxes that hide prizes. The final prize will be the sum of all the boxes that you have been able to uncover.
  • Select cells: it is accessed with the figure represented by Bonus 2 of the pay table and consists of selecting a cell in the active row where a prize, the end of the bonus or a wild card is hidden.
  • Choose a box: it is accessed with the winning figure that represents Bonus 3. It consists of selecting a box and taking your prize.
  • Prize draw: accessed with either of the two winning figures representing Bonus 4. This minigame is a prize draw in which you have to press the Play button to stop the draw and take the prize.

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