Detective (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 552
Rating 4.5

The Spanish company MGA has created the game bingo Detective. A video bingo of 60 balls where you can play in Spanish with up to 4 cards and draw 14 different winning combinations. Play for free at bingo Detective from MGA and enjoy 3 minigames, 12 extra balls and prizes by completing the cards. Collect rewards while solving crimes.

How to Play Video bingo Detective

To play you must buy cards of 1 to 4 cards. Study the numbers before discarding those cards you don’t want with the red cross in the corner. In addition, you have the option of regulating the value of the bet choosing between 0’05, 0’10, 0’25 or 0’50 credits.

You can then start the game or play in car mode, which allows you to activate 10, 25, 50 or 100 automatic spins and buy or not the extra balls. In the video bingo Detective of MGA 60 balls are raffled, of which the RNG extracts only 30. The balls rotate in the reel in the center of the screen and they go out one by one, placing themselves on the lower bar. In parallel, the matching boxes on your cards are automatically crossed out and the winning figures are drawn.

When 30 balls have already been drawn, the game ends and your winnings appear in the lower panel. At this point, if you have a chance of a Pyramid or higher figure, you choose to buy up to 12 extra balls and if you are awarded with the Wild Ball, you can choose the number you prefer. Once the game is over, you can start over with the same conditions or by changing the bet values.

Winning Combinations in Video bingo Detective

The upper panel of the main game screen you can see the 14 winning combinations in the video bingo free Detective:

  • Cruz Mini contributes 3 credits
  • A Line also provides 3 credits
  • Orion gives away 6 credits
  • Pyramid gives 10 credits
  • And rewards you with 30 credits
  • Double X also rewards you with 30 credits
  • Double T gives 80 credits
  • Two Lines gives 100 credits
  • Double T Plus gives 200 credits
  • Double H awards 300 credits
  • Win awards 500 credits
  • Cuadra awards 500 credits
  • Mask awards 700 credits
  • Bingo gives 2,000 credits

Bonus and Minigames of Detective bingo

Additionally, the four major combinations of Detective of MGA grant bonuses. If you manage to draw a figure bingo, in addition to the 2,000 corresponding credits you get the accumulated jackpot. If you have a Mask combination in any of your cards, the bonus minigame Cluedo starts, in which you must act as a Detective and choose the correct clue to solve the case. Each track contains a prize, in total there are three rounds and, therefore, three cumulative prizes.

Instead, by obtaining a Cuadra figure, you access the bonus Cops and Thieves minigame, which transports you to a game board where you must chase down the thief. How many squares you advance and how many the thief alternately are drawn at random, and your goal is to catch him before he reaches the last square.

Finally, the Win sequence opens your way to the Discover Prize bonus minigame, set in a recon room with 5 different criminals. Each one hides a stolen prize and you just have to choose who you want to uncover to keep their loot.