Classic Cars & Rock n Roll (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 980
Rating 4.75

Classic Cars & Rock and Roll is a bingo game designed by MGA with 4 bingo cards. You can play with one or all cards at the same time. The bingo game allows you to buy up to 11 extra balls to complete winning combinations and access the bonuses. The bingo Classic Cars game has an extra ball called Wild that you can use as a wild card to substitute the number that suits you best. You can play bingo for free with this demo version without downloading the game.

How to play bingo for free Classic Cars

The bingo Classic Cars game is set in English, but is available in seven languages ​​including Spanish. If you want to set the game to Spanish, click on the key with three horizontal lines and press the icon of the terrestrial globe. There you can choose the Spanish language.

In the demo version of the bingo Classic Cars game you receive 300 demo credits in your account to place your bets. First select your bet and the number of cards of bingo with which you are going to play. You can play with one card or with 4 cards at the same time. The question mark in the upper left corner gives rise to the rules of the game for bingo.

At the beginning of the free bingo game you have four active cards on the game screen. You can change the number of tickets from bingo. To deactivate them, click on the red cross at the top right of each ticket.

To reactivate the bingo card you have to press the green arrow that appears in the place of each deactivated card. The game also allows you to change the series of numbers on the cards if they are not to your liking. Just tap on any card and the numbers change automatically.

You can adjust the value of your total bet, from 4 to 60 credits. Use the arrows to increase or decrease your bet. If the value of the bet is equal to 4 credits this means that you have made a bet of 1 credit on each card, if the value is 60 your bet on each card is 15 credits.

After making all the adjustments, start the launch of the balls by pressing the Play button. If you prefer, opt for the automatic option of the online bingo game by pressing the Auto button. Choose from 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 infinite spins. You can also configure the option to buy or not Extra Balls automatically.

Bingo Classic Cars Awards

When you manage to line up one of the 15 winning combinations of the bingo online game, you get a prize. Your goal is to be able to form one of the combinations after 30 of the 60 balls of the reel come out. If you manage to make a winning combination, the pattern at the top starts flashing and indicates the sum won.

Bingo Classic Cars Bonus

The free bingo game Classic Cars & Rock and Roll gives you the opportunity to participate in two bonus games that are activated when you manage to align a combination that matches one of the patterns with the Bonus inscription, which are four here.

  • The first Bonus takes you to a new screen where you participate in a classic car race. All you have to do is press the Play key for one of them to reach the goal and receive the indicated bonus.
  • The second Bonus allows you to reveal various cash prizes by clicking on any of the five cars shown. The game ends if you find the word Exit. You can also win the jackpot equal to 1500 credits by completing a full card after throwing all 30 balls.

Extra Balls in Classic Cars

Sometimes after the balls are thrown in the game of bingo Classic Cars & Rock n Roll the Extra Balls function is randomly activated. This gives you a chance to complete the winning pattern. The missing numbers in the prize combination are highlighted in orange with the sum of the prize to be won if the pattern is completed.

Each ball has a value that is displayed in the center of the screen and that you have to pay from your account to reveal the number. Among these bonus balls there are also free balls that do not cost any additional credit and give you the opportunity to win more prizes and a wild that can be turned into any number if you click on the desired number on the card. You can refuse to buy the balls by pressing the Extra No button to leave the function and continue the game.

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