Circus bingo (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 304
Rating 0

The video Bingo Circus developed by the Spanish company MGA is dedicated to the world of circuses. An intuitive and easy to play 60 ball game with Bingo online. Enjoy the free Bingo game Circus without downloading and get the bonuses of the minigames. Win fantastic prizes singing Bingo with Bingo Circus.

How to Play Bingo Circus Free

Bingo Circus is a game of Bingo where 30 balls come out of a 60-ball reel.It is necessary to form the winning configurations that you can see in the upper panel of the game. But before extracting the balls, it is necessary to bet and to bet it is necessary to understand well how to do it to optimize investments and maximize the prizes.

As soon as you load the video Bingo, you have 15 Tokens to give them a value and name: credits. The Tokens is the denomination or relationship between the credits and their value and you can choose between the values ​​0.05T to 0.5T; that divide the total number of Free Tokens to obtain the total credits at the beginning of the game. An example of this is 15T / 0.05T = 300 Credits

Once the Tokens have been exchanged for credits, we must decide with how many cards we want to play; with a minimum of 1 carton and a maximum of 4 cartons. In addition, we have the option to choose the amount to bet per card between 1 and 15 credits.

If you already have everything configured and you want to automate the plays, from the Auto button you can choose between 10 and 100 automatic spins and buy extra balls when they appear. The help menu is available in multiple languages; among them Spanish. Solve your doubts by consulting the rules of the game and have fun playing online and without downloading.

Bingo Circus Main Game

The balls are drawn while the numbers are automatically crossed out on the available cards. As long as the numbers on the cards coincide with those represented by the balls drawn. Once all the balls have come out of the reel, if you have the possibility of winning a Cross or higher figure, Circus offers you the possibility to buy Extra Balls.

Up to a maximum of 14 Extra Balls at an additional price can be quite useful to form superior figures with Bonuses included. Sometimes a Joker or Wild Ball may come out so that you can choose the number of card that you most need to cross out at that moment.

Circus minigames

Once the Bingo Circus game is over, if you have obtained one or more figures awarded with Bonus, you agree to play the mini game it contains to increase the prize obtained. A total of 4 different Bonuses, in addition to Bingo, are distributed in 6 figures:

  • Bonus 1: accessed through the One Free figure and consists of scratching boxes to discover prizes. It ends when we discover an Exit figure or when all the squares are discovered.
  • Bonus 2: with a mask type figure we access this game that consists of deciding which paths we should take until we reach the final prize. You can directly select a prize and the clown will reach it.
  • Bonus 3: we access with a Cuadra figure to play the classic game of trileros.
  • Bonus 4: accessed with a Double T or a reversed Double T to select and discover hidden prizes.
  • Bingo: it is the highest prize available.

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