Champion (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 1,021
Rating 0

Champion is a video bingo of 60 balls created by MGA so that you can enjoy the beautiful sport at all times. You also have the chance to win fantastic prizes thanks to the extra balls and its 3 mini-games with bonuses. Play for free the demo version of this bingo about soccer.

How to play Champion

The bingo Champion game comes with a balance of 15 tokens for the bets to be made. All you have to do is choose a security (0.01T, 0.05T, 0.1T, 0.25T and 0.5T) that divides your tokens to transform them into credits.

Credit is the currency of the game and with it you can bet and get prizes. To do this, you must first choose the number of cards you want to play between a minimum of 1 card and a maximum of 4 cards. In addition, you can change the numbers and choose others at random and invest between 1 and 15 credits maximum for each card you want to play.

Finally, you can automate the plays as many times as you want and check the rules of the game from the help menu.

The 60-ball bingo is set in football, specifically in the world championship of nations, better known as the “World Cup”. 30 balls are extracted from the reel that automatically cross out the numbers that you have printed on your cards. These numbers, as they are crossed out, are creating award-winning figures that you can check from the pay table. In addition, the yellow color that flashes indicates that it is the square that remains to be completed to obtain the awarded figure.

Finally, when you have the possibility of obtaining a figure (CRUZ) or higher, the video bingo offers you up to 12 soccer balls (extra balls) so you can buy and get more numbers that can complete your cards. Among the 12 extra balls, at random, a Joker or wild card can come out that you can use to cross out the number that best suits you at that moment.

Champion minigames

Up to 3 fun minigames to increase your prizes without having to wait for the long-awaited bingo. They are accessed with different award-winning figures and each minigame has its own dynamics that we will see below:

  • Penalty !: is accessed with the awarded figure ONE_FREE and you must try to obtain the highest possible prize by executing 3 shots at the goal from the penalty spot.
  • The spontaneous one !: it is accessed with the MASK figure and you must catch the woman who has jumped into the field to attract attention. Each round, the characters move a random number of squares.
  • Choose the public: access with the award-winning figure CUADRA to choose, from the public, a character who hides a prize.

What more can you ask for in life when football, beer and this magnificent bingo accompany you?