Carnaval bingo (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 1,169
Rating 4.43

Bingo Carnaval is a video game bingo developed by MGA. At you can play bingo Carnaval for free with play money and in demo mode. If the Carnaval is full of color, bingo Carnaval presents you a game with very colorful graphics and with music brasileña. The bingo Carnaval game is available in seven languages, including Spanish or Castilian.

How to play bingo Carnaval

Before you start playing for free at bingo Carnaval from MGA you have to choose a bet. The minimum is 0.05 credits and the maximum is 0.5 credits. To change it you can always take advantage of the Bet arrows. After choosing a bet press “enter” or “play” and the game will start automatically. You can also change the number of plays or buy all the balls by going to the settings menu. Or even disable automatic mode using the button on the main game screen.

If you manage to complete a row you earn more credits and you will be offered additional balls to complete all the winnings. To accept the extra balls you can press “Extra yes” and to reject “extra no”. If you accept the balls you have to click on the ones that appear in the center of the game screen to see the number that you have touched. The numbers of the dropped balls will be automatically crossed out on the cards. What’s more, you can always control your balance since the cost of the additional balls is shown on the screen. If you manage to fill in the entire card, one of the four “bonus games” will start that allows you to add all the winnings.

To start the game again, you just have to click on any of the cards and hit play. And if you want to deactivate a card, press the red cross on it. In case of any doubt, you can go to the information section that offers the basic rules of the game.

The game is carried out with 60 balls in total of which 30 fall. Besides, there are four playing cards with 15 numbers each. And a very important feature is that you can always buy more balls to fill your cards and win a higher prize. If you manage to complete the card while the first 30 balls fall, you will win the jackpot consisting of 3,000 credits and the jackpot.

Carnaval bingo minigames

One of the advantages of the video game bingo Carnaval is that if you play the Bonus figure, you can play the minigames and win prizes:

  • Slot minigame where you win a prize if you manage to match three of the same symbols in a row
  • Minigame where you have to find a prize in each row
  • Scratch card minigame where you have to discover prizes in each cell
  • Minigame to choose from four possible prizes

At you can try more games from bingo online for free without downloading the game or registering on the web. Just open the game bingo for free on your PC or mobile device with Android, iPhone or iPad and play for fun.