Buffalo (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 769
Rating 4.67

Put on your Cowboy boots and use the lasso to hunt big prizes in the fun Buffalo bingo online mga that you can play for free on CasinoGamingNews.com. Raise your voice to sing bingo and take the opportunity to win great prizes with additional figures. Play the Bonuses and their fun mini games to increase your winnings.

How to Play Buffalo bingo for free and without downloading

Bingo Buffalo is available on CasinoGamingNews.com in its demo version to play for free through your PC, smartphone or tablet with a balance of 15 virtual currencies (T) to start. Credits are used to place bets and their value in relation to coins can be modified from the orange box on the control panel. You can assign the value of a credit equal to 0.05, 0.1 or 0.25 T coins by changing, respectively, the balance of credits on the balance sheet. The type of bet you make also depends on the total balance you have in the Balance box and the cards you want to play with.

The bass reel contains 60 balls, of which 30 are drawn to form the figures or sing bingo. You can check the profit plan at the top of the screen.

Main game

4 cards and a destination: sing bingo. As the balls come out of the reel, the numbers will be automatically crossed out on the cards you play. You can choose between 1 and 4 cards to play or change the numbers for others with one click. In addition, from the top bar you can check the boxes colored in yellow that reflect, during the play, what is needed to form a winning figure.

On the other hand, there are the so-called Extra Balls that appear when there is the possibility of obtaining a Cross or higher figure. Up to 15 grassy balls with hidden numbers can be discovered if you bet the amount of credits defined by the game.

Finally, there are figures that are special because they give access to Bonuses that allow you to increase and accumulate your earnings.

What are bonuses? Buffalo Mini Games

Once the game is over, if you have obtained a figure awarded with a Bonus, you can play the Mini Games of Buffalo to increase the final prize.

The bingo Buffalo game offers up to 3 different types of Mini Games in which they are accessed with different figures. Let’s see what they are:

  • Trilero: the figures (Double T) and (Inverted Double T) give access to the typical game of trileros in which you have to choose the Buffalo that hides the biggest prize.

  • Roads: the (Mask) and (Block) figures allow you to play the Roads Bonus. It consists of choosing the best path to guide Buffalo towards the hedge that hides the biggest prize of the four.

  • Stampede: it is accessed by means of the figure (ONE FREE) that represents the central square of the cardboard without crossing out. This fun game allows you to accumulate the prizes that you discover along the way.

Put on your cowboy boots and use the tools to play

Through the Auto button, you can modify the action of buying Extra Balls and Playing automatically to liven up the games. You can also configure both the language and the volume of the game to your liking and enjoy this fantastic bingo game for free on CasinoGamingNews.com.