Book of Ra Deluxe bingo (Novomatic)

Type Bingo 90 balls
Characteristics Free spins, Jackpot
Software Greentube
Games played 2,007
Rating 4

Book of Ra Deluxe bingo online from Greentube joins the series of games in the Book of Ra saga highly appreciated by players and available to play for free on The main objective is to combine or align as many winning patterns as possible on the 4 cards of bingo with 15 number fields in each one, as the 90 balls of bingo are drawn. Have fun playing bingo for free online!

How to play bingo free Book of Ra

The new aspect of Book of Ra Deluxe bingo is based on the most popular game variant of bingo, the game starts with 90 balls, the balls will come out randomly to complete up to 4 different bingo cards, which is the maximum number of cards that we can to choose. Each bingo card has 15 fields, making a total of 60 for the four cards together.

With each bet we make, 30 balls are extracted, to win we will need to obtain one of the established winning combinations. In certain situations, after the extraction of the 30 preset balls we can buy up to 11 extra balls and increase our chances of winning, if we complete a special combination, the bonus game Book of Ra Deluxe bingo would be activated.

Book of Ra Deluxe bingo online is developed by the company Greentube, which chose to keep the key features found in the original game to seal the alliance between the worlds of bingo and slot machines. The gameplay in Book of Ra bingo is set among pyramids, sarcophagi and scribes of the ancient Egyptian kingdom ruled by pharaohs and malefic forces. The game combines the legendary settings of Book of Ra Deluxe, the quick thinking of the games of bingo alongside its fun nature and strategic approach to slot machines.

Once you have set the number of cards you want to play with and the bet amount per card, you can click the play button to start the game. The balls are drawn and spread on all bingo cards independently and randomly. Immediately after the 30 balls have been drawn, and in case certain conditions have been met, we can buy up to eleven extra balls to increase our chances of winning. Obtaining a perfect combination of balls and numbers in one of our cards in play, the mini game Book of Ra Deluxe opens. The different characteristics in the mini-game will allow us to obtain additional profits.

The price for additional balls depends directly on the possibility of making a profit, and that can be up to eleven times the initial price. Book of Ra Deluxe bingo has a fast forward button to speed up the extraction of the balls, an automatic start button to automate the whole process and an arrow to redistribute the cards in case the numbers we have in our cards do not finish liking altogether. Book of Ra Deluxe bingo is an ideal option for those who want to learn how to play bingo for free without downloading any games or making any deposit.

How to win bonuses and Jackpot

Just by taking a simple look at the top of the game screen we can see all the possible patterns and combinations that will make us win real money or a Deluxe Bonus of bingo Book of Ra. We can get a victory just by completing a single line of five fields adjacent on the board. In principle, the more complex patterns will obviously reward the player with the highest winnings, all the winning patterns are displayed beforehand. As the balls come out randomly, the missing balls are highlighted in color for a given combination.

As an additional bonus feature in the game, the winning combinations of the three patterns in which diagonal combinations are required are also taken into account, even when duplicates appear, we can even obtain higher profits when 2 patterns overlap on the same card of play. We can access the help menu and all the rules and information of the game by pressing the “Rules” button. With a little luck and a good strategy, we will achieve a perfect combination to try to win the Jackpot of Book of Ra Deluxe bingo. To get this prize we must complete the complete set of bingo cards with the first 30 balls, in this way we can discover the magnificent Jackpot of the Book of Ra Deluxe bingo.

Bingo with Free Spins

Following the tradition of the best Greentube games and especially for the games related to the saga, such as the Book of Ra classic and Book of Ra Deluxe slot, more afortuna two players are offered the possibility to get free spins. The correct combination of balls opens the Deluxe mini slot game, which in turn unlocks various types of free spins. In the minigame, you can get a lot of winnings and use them for bets on this bingo game or withdraw them directly.

During the game, it is necessary to obtain two winning patterns to activate the mini slot machine game mode, with 5 to 10 pay lines, in this way we will have the opportunity to win free games at Book of Ra bingo. In the upper menu bar of the game we will find an indication of when it will be possible to win free games, in the same way in which all the winnings are shown in a clear way. As in slot games, there are no magic tricks to get a quick win at Book of Ra Deluxe bingo, while a great set of skills and strategies is necessary to be able to win big while having fun playing.

With the addition of bingo to its portfolio, Greentube demonstrates its supremacy and ability to quickly adapt to the demands and trends that govern the online casino gaming industry. After our team of experts conducted a comprehensive review of the game, we have come to the final conclusion that this magnificent hybrid game between slot machine and bingo from Greentube has left us very satisfied and surprised, innovation is always something to be Thank you very much, especially when it comes to online casino games and entertainment. Book of Ra Deluxe bingo lives up to expectations and is guaranteed to bring plenty of fun and profit to anyone willing to take part in this new edition of the Book of Ra adventure. With the game already available in many online casinos, getting a lucrative welcome bonus to start playing doesn’t require magical skills, but a simple trip to a legal online casinos.