Bingo Zeus (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 239
Rating 5

The Olympus of the gods is celebrating and to celebrate it, they are going to play this fun bingo developed by MGA. The reel contains 60 balls, of which 30 are extracted to form all the winning figures. In addition, you have the possibility to buy up to 14 Extra Balls with Joker and play 4 fun bonuses in the form of minigames. Try the demo version of bingo Zeus and enjoy to learn without having to deposit.

How to play bingo Zeus

The bingo games developed by the Spanish company are measured in tokens. A token is a virtual currency of measure to give a value to the credits. The credits are used to bet on the available cards before starting to play.Therefore, before starting, the drop-down menu of tokens (0.05T, 0.25T, 0.1T, 0.5T) is open for you to choose the amount of credits you want to have in your balance. This amount or value of the credit will always depend on when you make a bet and, above all, it will also depend on the number of prizes you can receive.

Another value to configure is the amount of credits per card played. You can play between a minimum of 1 card and a maximum of 4 cards. Once you have placed your bets, all you have to do is press Play and enjoy the game.

Main set of bingo Zeus

The 60 ball bingo video is easy to play and quite intuitive. When the 30 balls are to be drawn from the reel, each time it matches a number played from your cards, it will be automatically crossed out. In addition, in the pay table located at the top of the game, mark the missing numbers to complete a winning figure.

On the other hand, when all the balls have come out of the reel, if you have the possibility of winning a CROSS figure or higher, the game will offer you up to 14 extra balls that you can obtain if you invest additional credits. In addition, a Joker or wild card can randomly appear in the extra balls so that you can choose the number you need the most at that time.

Minigames bingo Zeus

Up to four fun minigames to have the possibility of obtaining much bigger prizes without having to depend on bingo. They are accessed with different award-winning figures and each one has its own theme and playability. Let’s see what they consist of:

  • Roulette: accessed with the Double I figure and consists of stopping the rotation of the roulette to obtain the prize marked in the box.
  • Discover your prize: it is accessed with the CUADRA figure and consists of choosing objects that hide prizes. We can choose as many as we want or as many as the game allows, because if the EXIT figure comes out, the bonus ends.
  • Choose hearts: it is accessed with the award-winning MASK figure and consists of choosing, in rounds, one heart out of four. The game ends when we get an EXIT figure.
  • Cops and robbers: accessed with the ONE FREE figure and consists of playing the classic game of cops and robbers. You must press the Play button to start the round. Each round, a random number is drawn that will mark the steps of the goddess Hera and another draw for the steps of Zeus. The game ends when Zeus catches Hera or Hera, manages to reach the end of the road.