Bingo World Football (Red Rake gaming)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Software Red Rake gaming
Games played 562
Rating 2.67

World Football is a bingo game set in the World Cup and developed by Red Rake gaming. A 60-ball bingo game where you can play with 4 cards at the same time and 10 extra balls to complete all the winning figures. You also have a wild card and two mini-games with bonuses. Enjoy the atmosphere of a football stadium with the video bingo World Football for free in demo version.

How to play World Football bingo

To play bingo World Football you have to extract 30 balls from the reel by placing a bet. In this demo version to learn, you have in your balance € 1000 virtual. You can place as many bets as you want by modifying their value from the control panel. Choose between the minimum bet of € 0.20 or an intermediate bet of € 20 or maximum of € 60.

You can play with 4 cards. But if you don’t want to play with all of them, you can close the cards you want. The bets you place are divided by the number of tickets. Each card marks the amount bet on the top bar.

The 60-ball bingo is played in a famous football stadium prepared to host the world cup. Once you have placed your bet, press PLAY and start playing. 30 balls will come out of the reel that may or may not coincide with the numbers of your cards played. The good thing about it is that your cards are updated at the speed that the balls are coming out of the reel. When the boxes are crossed it means that those balls have already come out and they have matched your numbers. However, when they turn green and below the number there is a smaller one, it means that, if that ball comes out, you take the amount marked in coins.

When the squares turn orange, it means that you have already obtained that figure. The pay table is also updated by color. Green means that you aspire to complete that figure and orange that it is already completed. In addition, the extra balls appear when you have a high chance of completing a figure. Randomly, a wild symbol can appear inside the extra balls so that you can choose the number you need the most.

World Football minigames bingo

To access the minigames you must complete the two figures that you can see in the pay table: Bonus and Bonus 2. Each of them has a different minigame that we are going to see what they consist of:

  • Bonus Minijego: 8 jerseys of the best world football teams appear. Each one hides a prize or the exit. You must choose carefully to get the maximum amount of prizes.
  • Bonus 2 minigame: You are in the final of the world cup, you have been in a draw and you have to win in the penalty shoot-out. Take 5 penalties and score a goal by tricking the goalkeeper to get the best reward of all.