Bingo online free without registration and without deposit

At we offer games from Bingo for free or also called in demo version. These games allow you to play online without money, without having to register and without depositing at a casino. You only need to have a mobile phone, tablet or computer to enjoy the different games of Bingo. Choose one of the games that we offer you and enjoy a pleasant moment. Most games from Bingo by Spanish or Latin American creators such as MGA, Zitro or Patagonia are adapted to the Spanish language to facilitate the understanding of the game.

In the online Bingo you must wait for the numbers of your card or cards to appear. Some casinos offer the ability to play Bingo online for free after registering and filling in some information.

If you play Bingo online you must be well concentrated and attentive to the numbers that come out. It is a very simple game with a very high emotion, especially when few numbers are missing from the table. In the simultaneous Bingo there is not a reel per room but several rooms are connected to each other by a system called Distribution network.

The rules of the game are the same, but the difference lies in the number of players who will be able to play in the same game, since thanks to this interconnection between several rooms of Bingo the number of participants can be significantly increased.

The game Bingo is made up of a bass reel, inside which is a series of balls with a number on each of them. The reel rotates and a ball will fall randomly, at that moment, the cashier calls the number so that all players know which one has come out.

Each player has one or more cards, you can buy the ones you want, up to the maximum limit allowed in the room and they can cost as little as 1 cent. The cards have random numbers, each number that the cashier sings will have to be crossed out on the card or cards where said number appears.

In the more classic version of bingo, when a row of horizontal numbers has been crossed out, you sing line and at that moment you receive a small percentage of the prize. When all the numbers on a card have been crossed out, you sing bingo and you get the highest percentage of the prize. You are the winner of the game.

Bingo game types

We can find different types of variants of the game bingo. The price of each card varies depending on the number of balls you are going to play. Discover the most popular bingo game types so you can decide which one best suits the way you play.

Bingo of 90 Balls

The 90-ball bingo has its origins in the United Kingdom and is today the most widely played variety in Australia and Europe. The 90-ball bingo card has 27 squares divided into 3 rows and 9 columns. Each row has 5 numbered boxes and 4 blank boxes. In this way, each card has a total of 15 numbers. The strip consists of 6 cards that contain the 90 numbers randomly distributed among those 6 cards.

It is the most popular, you have probably already tried it before. The bass reel has 90 balls and the cards have 15 numbers, divided into 3 rows of 9 columns. As we said before, to win the second prize, you must be the first of the players to complete a line and to win the highest prize you will have to complete all the numbers.

Bingo of 80 balls

The 80-ball bingo is the least common and least common variant in online casinos. The cardboard is a 4×4 square, that is, 16 numbers per cardboard. Each column has a different color to be able to find the numbers more easily. The strip consists of 5 individual cards containing the 80 numbers. The objective of bingo 80 is the same as the classic one, although it has the advantage that there are more prizes, not only to complete the entire card or the horizontal line, you can also complete a column, a diagonal line or two vertical lines.

Bingo with 75 balls

The 75 ball bingo follows the same rules as the 90 ball and comes from the United States. It is played with cards of five columns by five lines that allow the appearance of new images to obtain winning combinations and not only the line, therefore increasing the possibility of obtaining a prize. The 75-ball card has 25 squares divided into 5 rows and 5 columns. All squares contain a number except the one in the center which has a star. In this game, a strip is a group of 3 cards.

This variety became very popular in the United States and Canada. This time, the reel has 75 balls and the numbers on the cards are distributed in 5 horizontal lines and 5 columns. If what you are looking for is a fast game, bingo 75 is made for you. The objective of the game is to complete a given pattern, which can be alphabetical or numeric. In the alphabetical you have to complete a pattern that is like a letter, for example A or B, on the other hand, in the numerical, you will have to complete a pattern that is a number. There are countless patterns, it all depends on the imagination of each casino.

The bingo with 60 balls

The bingo with 60 balls is the most popular game modality in online casinos in Mexico and the most offered by all casinos in the world. Most software developers design their games to play with 60 balls of which 30 are drawn. You can play with up to 4 cards of 3×5 squares, 15 numbers per card. This type of game is characterized by a large number of winning patterns, as well as special features that its developers add such as extra balls, wild balls and bonus games.

Bingo with 30 balls

The 30-ball bingo is known as bingo fast. It is played on a 3×3 card, 3 columns and 3 lines. The numbers of the cards are distributed in 9 boxes. The bass reel has only 30 balls and adding new variants such as completing diagonal lines or columns.

In addition to the bingo with 30, 60, 75, 80 and 90 balls, there is also the bingo with 15 numbers, the one with 9 maximum extractions of balls and the one with 3 numbers per card.

Bingo games for mobile

You only need to have a mobile, cell phone, tablet or computer to be able to enjoy the different bingo games for free online. offers you all the games of bingo casino so you can access from anywhere and play bingo for free without money in Spanish.

Remember that there is no infallible system on how to win at bingo, but there is a trick that can help us. You must play not with a card but with two, three or four in the same game to have more options to win, you can choose one of the many methods that exist around the web or just enjoy the simple fact of having a good time and relaxed without worrying about our wallet being affected.