Bingo Monsters (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 648
Rating 4.2

Monsters is a game by bingo created by MGA about the most famous and terrifying characters of Halloween. With a kick reel of 60 balls, 30 are extracted to complete the award-winning figures and even sing the longed-for bingo. In addition, you have 11 extra balls more and four fun mini-games with bonuses. To play for free without downloading, press Play in the demo version and enjoy Monsters bingo online.

How to play Monsters bingo

The bingo has a balance of 50 tokens to bet in a different way and as you prefer in each play. First of all, give the token a value to convert it into credits from the control panel. You can choose 5cts up to 50cts. Depending on the value you choose, the amount of credits available to bet on each card varies, so it is recommended to start with a coin value between 5cts up to 10cts.

On the other hand, you can play with 1,2, 3 and up to 4 different and randomly numbered cards. If you don’t like numbers, click on them to randomly change them for new ones. In addition, you have to choose how many credits per card you are going to invest in each print run you make. The minimum bet is one credit per card and the maximum is 15 credits per card.

The 60-ball bingo is played inside the mansion of horror where you can see Frankenstein playing the maracas or Morticia Addams dancing the conga. Among the bats that roam at night, you should pay close attention to the 30 balls that the kick reel spits out when you press Play.

When the balls are coming out, if they coincide with the numbers that you have played on your cards, they are automatically crossed out. Up at the top of the screen, that whole row of figures represents the pay table. You have to get to sing bingo and, if you can’t, at least sing the other figures to get prizes.

To finish, and make it easier to get when completing the figures, you have 11 extra balls that appear when you have the opportunity to obtain a CROSS figure or higher.

Monsters minigames bingo

To play the fun minigames with bonus bingo Monsters you need to complete up to four different figures. One for each minigame there is:

  • Find the Prize: by obtaining the YUNQUE figure, you access the game that consists of getting the highest possible prize. In each round, a square is selected from the active row of the board, where a prize, an end of the bonus figure or a wild symbol can be hidden.

  • The Pyramid of Horror: Accessed with the completed MASK figure on any of your active cards. The objective is to obtain the highest prize in the pyramid that is usually at the top of it.

  • Frankenstein career: obtaining the SQUARE figure we access the minigame with bonus. This consists of a race between 4 cars of different colors. Each round, a roulette wheel chooses at random a random number of moves between 1 and 3 and, in addition, the color of the car to be moved. The game ends when the first car arrives at the tombstone of the same color, obtaining said prize.

  • Prize Draw: it is accessed with the CHAIN ​​figure and consists of stopping the needle and waiting for the prize to touch us.