Bingo Las Vegas (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Software MGA
Games played 678
Rating 4.45

The bingo Las Vegas game of the Spanish company MGA offers the possibility of playing with 4 cards of bingo at the same time. The game bingo allows you to buy up to 15 extra balls and thus be able to obtain more winning combinations. The MGA game also offers an extra ball (Wild) that can be used as a wild card to substitute the number that suits you.

How to Play Video bingo Las Vegas

Bingo Las Vegas game is available in seven languages ​​including Spanish. So if you don’t understand English, which is the default language when you open the game, you can change it to Spanish. Click on the three horizontal lines and press the globe icon to play bingo Vegas in Spanish.

When you start playing the demo version of the video game bingo you have 5000 play money credits in your account to place your bets. Before starting the game we recommend that you select the number of tickets bingo you are going to play with. You can play with a card or 4 cards at most. If the game credits are not enough and you want to continue playing for fun, refresh the page and start playing again.

The number of cards you see on the screen at the beginning of the game is four. You can choose the number of active cards in the game by deactivating them when you click on the cross at the top right of each card. In case you want to reactivate the bingo card, simply click on the green arrow that appears in the place of each deactivated card. You can also change the numbers on each card by clicking on the card. To adjust the value of your total bet, from 4 to 60 credits use the arrows in the Bet window to lower or raise your bet.

If you choose the value 4 this means that the bet for each card is equal to one credit, if you select the value of 60 your bet for each card is 15 credits. Once the bet is determined, you can throw the balls by pressing Play.

The bingo online game also allows you to play automatically by pressing the Auto button in the lower left corner. This button opens a window where you can choose between 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 or infinite spins. Here you can also determine if you want to buy Extra Balls automatically or not.

The console at the bottom of the online bingo machine also shows the prize received for each winning combination, the account status and the total bet value. To see the rules of the game you have to press the button with the question mark under the lower left card that displays a window with the information.

Bingo Las Vegas prizes

To win in the video game bingo Las Vegas of MGA you have to be able to form winning combinations according to fifteen patterns indicated at the top of the game screen. You have to be able to form one of those patterns by matching the numbers on your cards once 30 of the 60 balls of the reel have been thrown.

The 15 patterns of winning combinations give prizes that are shown below each pattern and that start flashing when you manage to land one of them.

Bingo Las Vegas minigames

If you match the numbers of the patterns labeled with the Bonus inscription, which in this game are five, you access some mini-games that give you the opportunity to win extra credits. The minigames are four:

  • The first Bonus or minigame consists of a card game where you receive 2 random cards. The value of each card is added together and determines the value of the prize.
  • The second Bonus is a three reel slot machine. Each game gives a prize according to what is indicated in the prize table, but if you get a combination of three diamonds the game ends.
  • The third Bonus consists of a fortuna wheel that you have to spin to receive a prize.
  • The fourth Bonus is a drawing of five prizes that you must stop to see which prize you have won.

This game offers a jackpot equal to 2500 credits that you can get if by throwing the 30 balls you manage to complete a complete card.

How to get Extra Balls

When a few numbers are missing to complete a pattern after the balls are thrown in the no deposit online bingo game Las Vegas & country the Extra Balls feature can be triggered at random. This gives you the opportunity to fill in the winning pattern. The missing numbers in the prize sequence are shown in orange along with the prize to be won if you complete the row. In the upper center of the screen there are three rows with five balls with a question mark each.

Each ball has a value that you must pay from your account in order to reveal the number when you click on it. The price of each extra ball is shown in the extraction window so you can decide whether to buy it or not. Among these extra balls there are also special balls that are wild cards that can substitute for any number of your choice by clicking directly on the number on the card.

There are also free balls that do not cost any additional credit and help you win good prizes. If you do not want to buy the balls, simply press the End button to exit this function and continue playing. In case you spend all the credits of the game account and you want to continue playing this game, you just have to refresh the page again and you receive another 1000 demo credits to continue placing your bets.

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