Bingo games of 80 balls

The 80 ball bingo is also developed for online gaming and you can find it in many casinos and virtual platforms. In the online versions the spinning reel is replaced by a random number generator or RNG, the cards appear on the screen and the boxes are automatically crossed out when the necessary balls fall. In the games of bingo online, the speed with which the games are played is increased, so you can play even more without leaving home. In addition, some of these games include free mini games with which you can have even more fun.

How to Play bingo with 80 balls

In the 80-ball bingos, as in the others, the player has cards with numbered boxes and the numbers are drawn within a reel; When the balls fall, the dealer calls out the numbers and the player crosses out the matching boxes with the goal of being the first to complete patterns for prizes.

The most important and peculiar characteristic of the 80-ball bingo is found in its cards: they are made up of 16 boxes, organized in 4 rows and 4 columns, and include 4 different colors corresponding to the 4 groups of numbers that go from 1 to 20, from 21 to 40, from 41 to 59 and from 60 to 80. Although they may vary depending on the casino, normally the colors chosen are red, yellow, blue and green. As you may have already noticed, the 80-ball bingo cards are smaller and shorter than the 90-ball bingo, so they are easier to fill and be the first to sing “bingo!”.

Patterns to Complete on bingo of 80 Balls

In general, to get prizes at bingo you must complete 1, 2 or 3 horizontal lines or the entire card. Additionally, the 80-ball bingo also awards you prizes if you manage to cross out vertical lines, the central square of squares or even the four corners of your card.

All these complementary combinations are the ones that bring more dynamism to the game since they are accompanied by winnings. Still, do not forget that the size of the prizes varies according to the patterns completed and always check the pay table before starting to play.