Bingo Cleopatra (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 190
Rating 0

Cleopatra is a 60-ball Bingo video game designed by the Spanish company MGA. Set in Ancient Egypt, it has 14 extra balls with joker (wild card) and 3 mini-games with bonus. Try the demo version of the game Bingo for free without downloading or depositing and, together with Cleopatra, discover the mysteries and treasures of the Pyramids of Gyza.

How to play Bingo Cleopatra

The Bingo Cleopatra game offers virtual money for you to play worry-free. The objective is to learn to play games of chance and, in this case, by calling Bingo. The virtual currency is the token but the cards work with credits. To see how many credits we have to bet, we must select a token value at the beginning of the game. In the bottom bar of the screen, you can choose the values ​​0.05T, 0.1T, 0.25T, 0.5T.

To continue, you have to select the amount of cards that we will need for the next play. Remember that one is the minimum, but four is the maximum. Therefore, choose the ones you want and bet the credits for each card played. 1 credit per card is the minimum bet, while 15 credits per card is the maximum bet of the game.

The 60 ball Bingo is a tribute to Cleopatra, the last queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Ancient Egypt. Although the bass reel has 60 balls, we will only need 30 to form winning figures that you can check in the upper margin of the screen.

The pay table is dynamic and updates as the balls come out of the reel. As in your cards, the colors are crossing out the numbers that have already come out and, in addition, they also mark the missing numbers to complete the figures. On the other hand, when you are close to getting a CROSS type figure or higher, the game offers you to buy up to 14 extra balls. The joker can be in one of them and allows to choose the most desired and needed number of the moment.

Minigames with Cleopatra bonus

If you have obtained one of the figures or several awarded with bonuses, at the end of the game you will have access to the bonus of Bingo Cleopatra. There are a total of 3 different minigames and each one has many prizes to offer:

  • Trileros Sarcophagi: accessed with the award-winning figure ONE_FREE. 3 sarcophagi hide 3 prizes to mix with each other. You must decide where the best prize of the three is.

  • Pyramid Scratch: accessed with the CUADR figure to chop different stone blocks from the pyramid. These blocks hide prizes or the EXIT figure. The final prize will be the sum of all those you manage to accumulate.

  • The music is going to start! It is accessed with the DOUBLE I figure and you have to press the Play button to launch various symbols with hidden prizes. The final prize is the sum of all the prizes that the symbols hide.