Bingo Classic (1×2 Gaming)

Type Bingo 90 balls
Software 1×2 Gaming
Games played 1,910
Rating 3.92

Bingo Classic is a bingo online game from 1×2 Gaming that offers you in demo mode or so you can play for free. The player’s card has 27 squares and 15 of these have numbers. To get the prize it is necessary to cross out all the boxes on the player’s card before all 90 balls fall on the game screen. The sooner the player’s numbered balls fall, the bigger the prize.

Game rules

Before starting the game it is necessary to choose the card and establish the bet. Card selection is made with the New Card button. With each click on this button the numbers on the card will change. The player will be able to choose a card with any combination of numbers that he likes.

The bet is set with the “down” and “up” buttons in the Stake section and can be from 0.5 to 20 credits. The value of the bet determines the amount of the prize, in case of obtaining balls with all the numbers on the card. The Fun section shows the current balance of the player’s account.

The Play button launches the extraction of balls on the game screen of the bingo Classic machine. At the same time, the numbers that have come out on the balls are marked on the table, and those that coincide with the player’s figures are crossed out on the card with a red X.

The Turbo button speeds up the ball extraction process, and clicking the Instant button turns off the animation, instantly marking all the winning numbers on the table and striking them off on the player’s card.

Clicking on the speaker image allows you to turn the game sound on and off. Additionally, below the screen are three images that perform the following additional functions:

  • The clock shows the history of the bets made in the current game.
  • Three horizontal lines show the options menu with the possibility to select the level of graphic effects and sound effect settings.
  • Question mark opens the detailed information window about the game process.

Bingo Classic is the online version of the classic table game of a casino or room bingo. The graphic effects of the slot are simple and the game process is very simple.

Bingo Classic Awards

For the convenience and simplicity of calculations, the prizes will be shown below with the bet of 1 credit. The prizes on the bingo Classic slot paytable are displayed in credits and offered in the following order:

If the card is filled with winning numbers after all 90 balls have fallen, the player will not win any prizes. Then, the prize will depend on the number of balls already drawn and varies from 0.5 and 1.25 credits won when 88 or 86 fall correspondingly, up to 1000 credits, if the player manages to mark their numbers after 45 balls are drawn, and having all the numbers crossed out when 40 balls fall, the player will win 10,000 credits. The prizes based on the number of balls obtained are detailed in the Paytable pay table.

Control Panel

The game screen of the bingo Classis slot is divided into three sectors. In the lower left corner of the screen there is a card with 27 squares, 15 of which have numbers in random order.

On top of the card is the table of 90 boxes with numbers. Most of the squares are blue and the ones that are identical to the numbers on the player’s card are white. When landing a ball with a winning number, the blue squares are highlighted in black, and the white squares, that is, the player’s numbers, are highlighted in red.

On the right side of the screen there is a pay table with 14 cells. The prizes are shown in credits and are calculated automatically when changing the bet. The fewer boxes left to fill with winning numbers, the bigger the prize. The current number of balls that have dropped is highlighted on the paytable with a blinking rectangle.