Bingo Castle (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 3,509
Rating 4.75

A lot of treasures hides the video game bingo Castle, developed by the company MGA. A game of bingo of 60 balls that offers the possibility to play 4 big Bonuses, buy Extra Balls and, of course, sing bingo! Play Castle for free without downloading and without depositing. Build your legend by saving the princess locked in the tower.

How to Play bingo Castle Free

Are you ready to lay siege to the castle and become the most famous knight in the kingdom? In the game bingo free Castle you have 50 balance tokens. You must select the value you want from 0.05T, 0.1T, 0.25T to 0.5T. Once we have the credits, we have to decide whether to play with 1 or 4 cards at the same time. Playing with several cards at the same time increases the chances of winning a prize. However, the bet increases and you must choose how many credits you want to bet for each card; where 1 is the minimum and 15 is the maximum.

Automating your spins with the option to play at risk is a really comfortable option. Press the Play button and watch the numbers on your cards get crossed out automatically. Of the bingo of 60 balls 30 come out of the reel and when you have the possibility of forming a prize figure, you can buy up to 14 Extra Balls for additional credits.

Extra Balls at Castle

Sometimes, the Joker or wild card may appear, which is an extra ball with the face of a jester that invites you to select the number that you most need to cross off your card, to get the prize.

To know which figure you should get in your cards you must look at the pay table that is in the upper bar of the screen. Look at the yellow boxes that are flashing that indicate the positions that remain to be crossed out of your cards. The pay table includes all the winning figures of the game and, also, those superior figures that give us access to the 4 great bonuses of Castle.

Bingo Castle minigames

When the game is over, if you have obtained any of the upper figures, you will play the minigames that report prizes to increase or multiply your balance.

  • Kissing minigame: accessing with a Connector figure; It consists of 3 rounds of tossing hearts with hidden prizes. The final prize will be the accumulated total.
  • Racing Minigame: A Double I figure is required to access the game. 4 participants for the heart of the princess will move to the rhythm of the roulette wheel, which will mark how many steps they go up their ladder.
  • Bullseye minigame: accessed with the Cuadra figure to play the classic game of shooting arrows.
  • Mini Tour Game: we access with the Double H figure, to go through a random number of steps along a path full of prizes. The final prize is the value where the player is when Stop appears or when he reaches the end of the course.

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