Bingo Candy (MGA)

Type Bingo 30 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 3,648
Rating 4.47

Bingo Candy is a game of bingo of 30 balls where sweets such as chocolate, cookies and cakes are not lacking. Created by the group MGA, Candy is a video bingo to play with 4 cards of 15 numbers and with a high probability of forming winning figures. The bingo offers the possibility to buy 13 extra balls and to play 3 minigames with bonuses to win big prizes.

How to play bingo Candy

Candy is designed for those who are new to the free bingo games. We can see the value of the credits or tokens according to the tastes of each one. The control panel has a simple interface where it is possible to configure the value of the coin, the amount of credits to bet per card, solve our doubts from the game’s query menu, program our spins automatically and also that the balls are they extract from the kick reel at a much higher speed thanks to the turbo.

You can also select other numbers from your cards if you do not like them, close and open cards to bet between 1 and 4 maximum. Take a good look at the pay table on the top panel and visualize your goals to get the winning figures.

In the video bingo of 30 balls, the balls are extracted from the reel and the numbers that match yours on your cards are quickly crossed out. Meanwhile, the pay table in the upper panel of the screen shows, in yellow, the remaining squares to complete the winning figures.

If we have the possibility of completing a winning figure, 13 extra balls appear represented by chocolate bonbons. These balls are a considerable possibility to win the prize, but you have to be careful and know how to invest, because the extra balls are bought for an additional price in credits.

During the purchase of the extra balls, the joker or joker usually appears from time to time. The joker allows you to buy the number you need the most for that moment. Think about it, look at your cards and the pay table to see what the desired number may be.

Bingo Candy minigames

By obtaining a SQUARE figure in any of your active cards, the Mini-game Walk the Road is activated. This bonus consists of getting the highest possible prize by obtaining a random number of steps in each round. The final prize is the value where the player is when the STOP sign appears or when the end of the road is reached.

To access the Candy minigame you need to obtain the DOUBLE H figure. The objective is to climb the pyramid of desserts to obtain the highest possible prize.

There is a third minigame that is accessed with the Chain figure. The minigame is the so-called Prize Draw and consists of stopping the needle at the desired moment to take the prize when it stops.