Bingo Beach (MGA)

Type Bingo 75 balls
Characteristics Bonus round, Jackpot
Software MGA
Games played 2,259
Rating 4.6

The video bingo Beach developed by the group MGA has a pot or summer Jackpot. It is a 75 ball bingo that you can play for free in the demo version as many times as you want and enjoy the great prizes and bonuses.

How to Play Beach Free and No Download

The bingo Beach game consists of a bingo of up to 4 cards of 24 numbers each that you can choose randomly just one click from the card. In addition, of a total of 75 balls, 44 are those that are extracted from the reel to form the winning figures. Sometimes, when we are close to forming a superior winning figure, Beach offers us the possibility of buying 12 more extra balls and it is even possible that in one of them, the joker appears to select the exact number that we want to cross out on our card.

It is necessary to bet starting credits of the demo version. To start, we must give a value to our credits to convert them into Tokens between the values ​​(0.05T, 0.1T, 0.25T, 0.25T, and 0.5T). Later, we choose the number of cards to play between 1 and 4 maximum and the amount bet for each of them up to 15 credits per card.

Press the Play button and let the balls come out by themselves. You do not have to be aware of them since the game itself crosses the boxes of your cards when the numbers of the balls coincide with yours. In the pay table, located in the upper bar of the screen, you can see which are the winning tickets and in yellow, the boxes that are missing to complete said figures.

Enjoy the game bingo for free without money in Spanish with your smartphone, tablet and PC. It is not necessary to download any program or register on our website to enjoy and play bingo online.

How to earn bonus in bingo game

The figures marked with Bonus and Jackpot are the special figures of Beach. The game of bingo gives us the opportunity to play minigames and sing bingo to receive the maximum possible prize of Beach. The minigames or Bonus are the following:

  • Bonus 1: a cell must be selected in the row that is active. A prize, a wild card or the end of said Bonus may appear. The final prize is accumulating.
  • Bonus 2: in a pyramid full of prizes and arrows, the objective is to obtain the highest possible prize trying to climb ranks using the arrows to access the upper floors, where the biggest prizes are. The game ends when a prize is selected instead of an arrow.
  • Bonus 3: select the bathers on the beach and collect as many prizes as possible.
  • Bonus 4: consists of selecting an object that hides a prize by pressing the Play button.