Bicho Farm (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 320
Rating 5

Bicho Farm is a video game bingo from MGA set in a farm with animals. In the game of bingo of 60 balls there are up to 14 extra balls, a joker and 4 minigames with bonuses. Play the demo version of the game bingo for free without downloading and help the farmer to get bingo in the 4 cards.

How to play Bicho Farm

Bicho Farm is a game by bingo that offers virtual money to try the game online for free. The currency of the game is called tokens and they must be exchanged for credits so that you can bet and play. You have to first choose a value from 0.05T to 0.5T, which will divide our total tokens (50) by credits.

Once you have the credits available to play, choose the amount of cards you want and bet the credits that you deem appropriate for each card played. Remember that, in order to play, you need to bet one credit per card enabled, up to a maximum of 15 credits per card. Finally, if you have any questions about the game, do not hesitate to consult the help menu and enjoy bingo online.

The 60-ball bingo is set in the world of the farm. The farmer, the tractor and the animals are the most notable characteristics of the bingo. The 30 balls that are extracted from the reel automatically cross out the visible numbers of your cards.

The paytable is at the top of the screen and the winning figures are displayed there. In addition, it is a dynamic table and this means that it is also updated with each move made. The yellow squares mark the position that remains to be crossed out to achieve it.

Finally, when you are close to getting the Line figure, the bingo gives you the option to buy up to 14 extra balls. Also and randomly, the Joker usually appears, which is the wild card to choose the number that best suits you at the time.

Bicho Farm minigames

Bonuses are minigames in which you have to interact with the characters to achieve certain ends. These purposes are prizes that, if you get them, are added to the initial prize for having achieved the figure that activates the bonus. There are in total 4 mini-games to have fun in different ways:

  • Bonus 1: The game has 5 rounds to throw animals that match the prize table. The final prize is the accumulated value for each round.
  • Bonus 2: it is the classic game that travels roads. You must guide the sheep to the pile of straw to find the hidden prize that has the most value.
  • Bonus 3: it’s a tractor race. In each round, a character randomly moves between 1 and 3 steps. The final prize is the value that the character of the same color reaches.
  • Bonus 4: find the mole. Classic game to find the best moles whose prizes are the biggest. The final prize is the sum of all the accumulated prizes.