Beetle Bingo (Zitro)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Software Zitro
Games played 312
Rating 5

Beetle Bingo is a set of bingo from Zitro inspired by the English band The Beatles. You can play bingo for free with this demo version of up to four cards and 15 numbers on each card. The Beetle game offers a bonus round with which you can get up to 10,000 credits, an Extraball mode to get extra balls and a Z ball that serves as a wild card.

How to play Beetle Bingo for free

To start the game of bingo Beetle Bingo it is necessary to determine the number of active cards in the game and the amount of the bet. You can choose from 1 to 4 cards in the Game Settings section by pressing the gear button.

The bingo cards have 15 numbers arranged in 3 lines with 5 numbers in each one and 60 balls, with the key in the form of two crossed arrows you can change the combination of numbers on the cards. The Play button in the central right part of the game screen executes a throw of the balls, the automatic mode is also available by pressing the key in the form of two circular arrows.

After throwing the balls on the cards, the missing number is highlighted to create a combination, when the player manages to cross out all the numbers on a card, he receives a bingo and will win the maximum prize of 30,000 credits.

Management and control buttons

The online game Beetle Bingo has a control panel characteristic of all video games bingo from Zitro. The button with an arrow at the bottom left of the screen shows a menu where you can configure the game parameters. At the bottom of the screen, credits shows the status of the account.

The button in the form of a gear opens a window that allows you to set the bet amount from 4 to 80 credits, the value of the coin, the number of tickets from 1 to 4, the speed of the balls with the Ball Speed ​​button (Fast , Turbo and Normal), turn the volume off and on with the speaker icon.

The button with the letter i shows the rules of the game and the bonuses. If you press the info button you can see the history of the game. You can also change the combinations of numbers on the cards using the crossed arrows.

The bingo Beetle game offers a Jackpot that is available only in real money play. But you prefer to continue playing for free, at we offer you more games from bingo available in their demo or trial versions and from other providers. You can now play totally free, for fun and without downloading the game.

Beetle Bingo Extra Balls

In the game, the Extraball mode is also available where you can get additional balls, to complete the combinations, during this round the Z ball can appear randomly that allows you to manually select a number on the card to close a more advantageous line and get a prize .

Beetle Bingo Bonus

The bonus round in the free Beetle Bingo game begins when you manage to get the Bonus combination shown at the top of the screen along with the other winning sequences. A new window opens with the images of four musicians of the Beatles group with their awards in credits and 12 discos.

You must click on the discos and open them one by one revealing the image behind it until you get a match of 3 equal images and receive a prize of 2000 to 10,000 credits. Also, you can manually select a number from the active cards.