Arabian Bingo (MGA)

Type Bingo 90 balls
Characteristics Bonus round, Jackpot
Software MGA
Games played 1,125
Rating 3.67

The bingo Arabian set includes four cards with 90 balls and 14 prize patterns. The demo version of the MGA game allows you to play for free and test the bets without downloading the game. You can participate in three mini bonus games when you manage to fill the patterns with Bonus on the cards. Video bingo allows you to buy extra balls to complete any possible winning pattern. In this bingo game there is a Jackpot that you can win by completing a whole card.

How to play bingo Arabian for free

First you must choose the credit value among the options available in the free Arabian bingo game. The value varies in a range of 0.05 0.1, 0.25 and up to 0.50 maximum. Select your bet with the 5000 demo credits received by pressing the Bet button. The minimum bet is 4 and the maximum is 60 credits. When you choose your bet, change the sum of the prizes you receive for completing each of the 14 patterns.

The game of bingo begins with the draw of 30 balls from the hype. At your disposal you have 4 cards with 15 numbers in 3 columns. You can start the game with a maximum of four cards, but you can decrease the number of cards if you wish and to do so, just click on the red cross on the right side of each card.

Start the game by pressing the Play button to toss the balls from the kick reel. You can activate the automatic mode of the game by pressing the button with the three horizontal lines in the left corner below the cards. In a new window you are offered to select 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 or infinite launches of the balls. Here you can also activate the option to buy the Extra Balls automatically.

Press the button with the question mark to know the rules of the game, the rules of the Extra balls, as well as the functions of the Bonuses and the pay table.

Bingo Arabian Awards

The prizes of the bingo Arabian game depend on the pattern that is formed on the cards after the balls are released. Your task is to complete one of the 14 established patterns, among which there are three patterns that activate bonus mini games.

The numbers in pink on the cards are the numbers that matched the balls thrown. When you manage to complete a pattern, it is highlighted in red on the cardboard, you can also see the sum of the prize won. The winning pattern is also highlighted at the top of the game screen.

If you manage to complete the bingo pattern after the 30 balls are thrown by playing the maximum bet of 60 credits, you win the game jackpot of 37,500 coins. In the real game by completing the entire card you can win the Jackpot.

Bingo Arabian minigames

The bingo Arabian game from MGA allows you to participate in 3 minigames with prizes. You have to complete one of the three patterns with the bonus inscription to activate the minigames:

The diamond minigame features a board with different colored diamonds. You have to advance through the board until you get three diamonds of the same color. When this happens you receive the prize shown next to the diamond of the winning color. If you go back to the Star box, you have the opportunity to start the tour again.

The racing minigame is activated after completing the pattern with the inscription Bonus 2. Here you find four Aladdin of different colors which move to the prizes indicated for each of them. You have to rotate the wheel by pressing the Play button to determine which Aladdin moves and the number of steps. The first Aladdin to complete all eight steps indicates the sum of the prize won.

You access the selection minigame by filling in the pattern with the inscription Bonus 3. 3 objects are shown in the minigame. You have to choose one to get the prize. If you find the word Exit the game ends, but in case of getting a prize you can choose another object. The game ends when all the objects are discovered and the prize you receive is equal to the sum of all the discovered objects.

Bingo Arabian Game Extra Balls

At some points in the game you are offered to buy Extra Balls so that you can complete the possible prize patterns. If after the balls are thrown you have the possibility to form a pattern to win a good prize, you can buy up to 12 extra balls. The price of each ball is shown in the center of the reel and depends on your bet. To buy the balls you have to press the Extra Yes button, in case you don’t want to buy the balls press the Extra No button to exit the extra game and continue with the main game. Among the extra balls there is a joker that can replace any number you want on the cards and thus obtain more prizes.

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