90 Balls Bingo Games Online

When you start playing 90-line bingo online, the balls are chosen by a Random Number Generator (RNG).You can buy as many cards as you want until the first ball is drawn, from this moment on, the numbers from 1 to 90 will begin to be chanted and you will see how the boxes on your cards are crossed out and patterns are drawn.

How to play 90 ball bingo

In the bingo there are two protagonists, the balls and the cards. First, the players buy some pre-printed cards that contain a table with some numbered squares and others blank. As the game begins, the numbered balls spin in a basket until the dealer drops them one at a time. When the balls come out, the dealer calls out the numbers and the players have to cross out their boxes when they match. Thus, the objective of the game is to cross out all the boxes on your card or your cards and thus be able to sing bingo!

Regarding the particularities of the 90-ball bingo, it should be noted that traditionally only 3 players are accepted per round and that the cards are sold singly or in strips of 6 that, therefore, contain the 90 numbers in total.

The 90-ball game cards of bingo are configured by 3 rows and 9 columns that in turn randomly contain numbers from 1 to 90 but always following an order: the first column can have the numbers from 1 to 9, the second from 10 to 19, the third from 20 to 29, the fourth from 30 to 39, the fifth from 40 to 49, the sixth from 50 to 59, the seventh from 60 to 69, the eighth from 70 to 79 and the ninth from 80 to 90.

Prizes and Combinations in the bingo of 90 Balls

As you already know, the objective of the 90-ball bingo is to cross out the boxes on your cards. To obtain prizes, it is necessary to be the first to complete patterns: the main pattern is to cross out all the numbered boxes on the card, that is, all the rows, but those who complete 1 or 2 horizontal lines are also awarded with smaller amounts. When a player fills in a row or a card respectively, it is tradition for him to shout “line!” or “bingo!” In the event that two players sing a line at the same time, the prize is shared between them.