How to play Baccarat?

The rules of the game of Baccarat are very simple. Baccarat is a table game just as popular in casinos as blackjack and Roulette. Once you know the rules of the game and know it thoroughly, register at one of the online casinos and try your luck with real money. The Baccarat is played against the dealer. To start playing at Baccarat you must make a bet.

You can bet on the dealer’s cards, the tie or your cards. The bet limits are specified on the game table, usually on a special table. After placing the bet, the player and the dealer are dealt two cards each. In special cases a third letter can be requested. Afterwards, the hands are compared and the winner is decided.

How to count cards in Baccarat?

If you receive two cards that add up to nine or eight points, you get what is called a natural combination. Points for cards two through nine are calculated by their own value, the AS equals one point. The number of points in the hand is obtained by adding the value of each card:

  • Cards with numbers from 2 to 9 have the same amount of points
  • Ace is worth one point
  • The 10, the J, the Q and the K are worth zero points

The rest of the cards do not give points. If you have more than nine points, ten points are removed from the total. That is, in this case the limit cannot be exceeded, a participant will always have from zero to nine points.

Bets in Bagará

At Baccarat you can make one of these three bets:

  • Player is the bet on the Point or by the player is the bet on the player. It pays 1 to 1 if you have more points in your hand than the dealer or if the sum of points is equal.
  • Banker or bet on the Bank. It is the bet that is made on the dealer’s cards. It is paid 1 to 1 but with a 5% retention in favor of the casino.
  • Tie or bet on a tie. It pays 8 to 1 or 9 to 1, depending on the casino rules if you manage to get the same amount of points in your hand as in the dealer’s.

The Third Letter at Baccarat

After receiving two cards the player can take a third, if he has less than six points in total. The dealer, in turn, takes cards according to a complex system of rules:

  • If the dealer has six or more points in total, he does not take a card, in case the player does not take one.
  • If the dealer has two or fewer points in total, he draws a third card.
  • Three points the dealer draws a card if his rival did not draw an eight.
  • Four points the dealer takes a card in case the player does not have a card with the consecutive score: zero, one, eight, nine.
  • Five points takes a card if the opponent does not have four, five, six or seven points on his cards.
  • Five point takes a card if the player does not have six and seven point cards.
  • Seven points does not take letter.

Thus, the dealer’s decisions depend on the player’s cards.

Baccarat Types

The American version of Baccarat is the most popular in casinos. In addition to the American version there are a large number of varieties of the game Baccarat. The Baccarat mini is more popular in the West. All types of Baccarat card games retain the main idea, the one who reaches 9 points wins and does not pass. Among the games of Baccarat we can find the following differences:

  • The number of decks can vary. The Baccarat can be played from one to eight decks.
  • Up to 14 players play.
  • The rules of distribution and purchase of cards, size and order of payments also vary.
  • There can be a single dealer or players can take the dealer role in order.
  • Payments are made from the bank or from the bets. In the casino there is a range of bets that it pays. If the players are rival with each other, the bank is made up of the bets and passes to the winner.

The design of the tables is also different depending on the casino or the version of the online game.

Baccarat chemin de faire (chemmie)

It is popular in European theaters. Here the casino does not participate in the game, but only supplies the equipment and monitors compliance with the rules. The dealer role is played by players one after another. The bank is made up of the bets of the participants and is charged with an interest of 5% in favor of the casino.

The first bank taker is the player who bets the most of all. The participant on your right can bet on the whole bank first. If the dealer loses, pass the box of cards to the one to his right. Chemin de faire determines the third card rule in a slightly different way:

  • Six or seven points the player keeps his cards.
  • Four or less take a card.
  • Five points decides whether or not to take a letter.

Then the dealer decides. If you have more points than rival, take the bets and keep dealing the cards. If the rival has more points, the winner takes the prize of the sum of his bet multiplied by 2. In this case the player to the right of the dealer takes the role of dealer. The dealer can abstain from the game and pass the bank to any of the players who wish to do so. Then you will only win the prize after the bank is passed.

Baccarat classic (European)

The classic Baccarat is very similar to the American one. There are only two differences:

  • If the player has five points, he himself decides to take or not to take a third card.
  • The amount of the bank is determined by the entity. Players participate depending on the amounts of bets made by previous visitors.

In case the bet by the bank wins, players pay 5% interest to the casino.

Point and banking

Here a table with a special design is used. The number of players can be up to 16. A dealer participates. Participants bet on the point (player), bank (dealer) or egalité (tie). The rest of the rules are the same as in the regular American version.

How to win on Baccarat?

Card counting, the Martingale strategy and other known strategies do not work in the game of Baccarat because there is not much freedom of action. The advantage in the case of a successful bet is not very great. That is why the tips that are suitable for this game are different:

  • The advantageous bet is the bet on the bank. Since the casino advantage is equal to 1.25% if you bet on the point and 1.05% if you bet on the dealer or casino. It is recommended to change bets and not always choose the same side. However, in the long run, bets on the bank prevail. Betting on a tie is not advised. The casino advantage in this case is 15%.

It is desirable to choose the versions of Baccarat with a smaller number of decks. The six-deck game is slightly more advantageous than the eight-deck given the casino’s advantage. With eight decks this advantage is equal to 1.06%, while with five it is 1.05%. Choose the casino that retains the least interest. Interest is usually 5%. Some are down as much as 4%. That brings the casino edge down to 0.6%. The limits of losses and prizes should be determined, as well as the time spent in the game. The specified limits should never be exceeded.