Baccarat RTG (Realtime gaming)

Software Realtime gaming
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The online card game Baccarat is created by Realtime gaming (RTG) according to the classic rules of the baccarat casino game. The game table is made up of three sectors of bets in the victory of the player, the dealer or in a tie with the maximum prize of 9 to 1. The bets vary from 1 to 500 credits. At you can play the game Baccarat online for free.

Rules of the game to Baccarat from RTG

At the beginning of the game of Baccarat it is necessary to determine the total bet for the round. The bet is regulated in two phases. The first is to set the stake. The player must select one of the following proposed options:

  • Bet Player. The player receives a prize if the face value of his cards is greater than that of the dealer’s cards. The payout sum is 1: 1 relative to the current bet for this position.
  • Bet Banker.The user also receives 1: 1 winnings relative to the current bet for this position, but only if the dealer’s face value is higher than the user’s. In addition, when betting on the Banker position in case of a win, the player will pay a one-time commission of 5% of the compensation received. For example, when playing for 10 credits, you will receive 9.5 credits. The commission cannot be less than 0.25 points.
  • Tie bet. The payout is 9: 1 in relation to the current bet for this position and is paid in case the face values ​​of the player’s and dealer’s cards are equal.

The second stage is to bet a sum of credits on the preselected position. The process is done by clicking on one of the tokens with a fixed face value of 1, 5, 25, 100 and 500 credits. By clicking again the sum of credits equal to the value of the chip will be added to the bet made on the position. You can combine the positions for the bets and the amounts of credits established for them, by the user, or in relation to the strategy followed in their game. The only limitation is the maximum size of the total bet per round which is equal to 500 credits.

Start of the game

To start the free online baccarat game you need to click on the Deal button. A sum of credits equal to the total bet for the round is deducted from the player’s account. Then in the player’s and dealer’s boxes 2 two cards are dealt.

If the face value of the player’s cards in total is less than or equal to 5 points, then another card is added to the player’s box. The dealer receives the third card only if the sum of the face value of his cards is equal to or less than 4.

If the dealer received two cards with a total face value of 5 points, the decision to add the third card is determined by taking into account the player’s cards. The winner will be the one with the most points. If the cards in the two boxes have equal face value, the Player and Banker bets are returned, the Tie bet wins. After a round of the baccarat game the user can determine the bet again, by clicking on one of the selected chips in the game, or repeat the previous bet using the Rebet button function.

In the lower left corner of the interface there is a window that shows the current balance of the user’s account in credits. In the upper left corner there is a Current Game information window consisting of three indicators:

  • Total bet, is the total bet for the match.
  • Result, the user wins.
  • Commission, is the commission of the earnings in the Banker position.

Further down there is a window with the history of the last round, where: P is the player, B is the dealer, and the position he won is highlighted in green. In case of a tie, both positions are white.

Value of cards in the game Baccarat

The symbols in this free virtual slot are a classic deck of 52 cards. The value of the cards from ten to the King is 0 points. The points of the cards from two to nine, both included, correspond to their face value. The Ace equals 1 point. The maximum number of points per match is 9. If the value of the card exceeds this number, 10 points are deducted from the received cards. For example, if two nines fall, the points will be 9 + 9 = 18, which by subtracting 10 becomes 8. This action is also done with the third additional card.

In general, this card game is a classic version of Baccarat, but in a virtual format, which has no less features and functionality. The graphics are of a high level. The musical accompaniment is almost insignificant, therefore it does not distract from the main game. Winning depends not only on the luck of the user, but also on their knowledge and strategies.