Delaware Needs More Online Casinos

The wheels are in motion for a full-fledged online casino gambling battle in the Northeast. Delaware is in the middle of that battle and a prepared report claims that the state is in need of two additional online casinos if it is going to keep up with their neighbors.

TMG Consulting of New Orleans prepared the report for Delaware’s Sports and Video Library Commission. The state has recently opened the door for sports gambling, and now lawmakers may turn their attention to expanded online casinos.

New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania have all made a push to become the top casino destination on the East Coast. Expansion in those states has caused a drop in revenue at Delaware best casinos, and the only way to keep up, according to the report, is for Delaware to expand themselves.

Maryland is another state that is considering adding more best casinos. In Pennsylvania, table games were approved and legislation has been constructed to allow the table games in state casinos. That is expected to drive up revenue at Pennsylvania gaming establishments.

The report given to the Commission in Delaware also has proposed the best potential sites for a new casino. The Northeast and Southwest are considered to be the locations where Delaware would get the biggest impact from new casinos.

There are best casino proposals floating around Delaware already. Two have been proposed for Southcentral Delaware, while another has been proposed in the Southwest.

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