Delaware Gambling Commission And Casinos

A new study has been generated that shows that there would be great financial ramifications for the state of Delaware should the state add two new online casinos. The state Gambling Commission, however, disputes that claim.

The Gambling Commission voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to add a footnote to the conclusion that was found in the study. The footnote would contradict the findings of the study, which is that it would benefit the state to add the new online gambling facilities.

The opposition from the Gambling Commission came because they are concerned about the possibility of job losses if new online casinos are built. The existing gambling locations in the state, namely racetrack online casinos, would be hurt by any new gambling options in Delaware.

The study concluded that, indeed, the existing racetrack casinos would be hurt by the new casinos, but it also claimed that they would not be forced out of signup free business. The Gambling Commission disputed this notion.

Lawmakers are considering the possible casino expansion, but several of these lawmakers will move forward with the idea only if there was no financial strain on the existing facilities. Clearly, that is not going to be an option, leaving a possibility that the best casino expansion issue could now be dead.

The Northeast part of the U.S. has been experiencing a wave of casino expansion in the past couple of years. Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania have all made strong pushes to steal customers away from the internet gambling capital of the East, Atlantic City.

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