The Province Estimates of 40 Million U.S. Dollars Income From Online Gambling

In the past 10 years, the City of Victoria has won a huge increase in the amount of money from gambling, culminating in a $1,1 billion accumulated alone in 2009. If the upward trend continues, spreading BC will see $2,27 billion in 2012, and the province is taking the initiative to ensure that their goal is reached.

Spread in recent years, BC has the number of slot machines to over 10,000 pushed through a variety of gambling venues. That is quadruple the number in 2001, but it has not been the outcome that is the province in search of yield.

Now the government has shifted the focus to games by the PlayNow BCLC’s online gambling site. Last year PlayNow raked in $3,1 million of inhabitants, but only accounted for 15% of total expenditure spent by BC gamblers on online gambling establishments. Most gamblers still continue to gamble at offshore online casinos, leaving the government run BCLC without a share of those profits, but it has a plan. The BCLC suspected that gamblers took their money elsewhere because PlayNow’s limits were too strict. To counter this trend, the Lottery Corporation its weekly online gambling limited to $9,999 from its previous limit of $120.

BCLC is now expected to rake in $10,8 million this year and nearly 40 million U.S. dollars in 2010. But with greater freedom comes greater responsibility. With these new, more liberal gambling limits, BCLC is putting greater emphasis on responsible gambling awareness. It will install more controls to prevent underage gambling, while providing more information about realistic chance of winning and facts about problem internet gambling.

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